What is Freemasonry?

An easy question to ask, a difficult question to answer. The reason? It means something different to every individual involved in the craft. But before one can ponder the meaning of masonry, it may help to know the basic tenants of how we function and what
we do.

A Masonic Overview

The first unit in the masonic organization is a lodge. It may be comprised of as little as 3 but ideally by seven or more men who meet together on a regular basis. Any member of a masonic lodge is called a brother and is considered as such by the other members. Their are 3 steps in basic masonry, these are similar to a craftsman’s apprenticeship as he moves from beginner through to being a master of his art. A significant portion of the function of a masonic lodge is to facilitate the education and growth of a new apprentice. This is done through providing discussion, reading materials as well as performing allegorical plays to demonstrate a specific point or moral as well as for general educational purposes.

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